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Our Initiatives

Our core business is focused on the two pillars of Community Inclusion & Community Safety.

Our aim is to work collaboratively with individuals, families and communities to facilitate social and economic inclusion for all people as well as work towards establishing sustainable safe and healthy communities.

We recognise the important role we play to ensure the future growth and development of these key goals for the individuals, families and communities we work alongside so our strategic initiatives underpin the creation of a work environment that provides us the opportunity to empower, engage and better equip people to reach their fullest potential. 

Person Centred Approach to Service Delivery

Our approach to providing holistic and integrated services is derived from our philosophy of person-centred care which sees the development and delivery of our services provided in a way that is respectful of and, responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of the individual people we work with.  

The key principles of our person-centred approach include:

  • Valuing and respecting people’s personal perspectives, beliefs and preferences and working in partnership alongside them in the design and delivery of the support services they require.
  • Maximising a person’s independence and optimising their control with the provision of choice, sharing the power of decision-making and then subsequently respecting the choices that are made.
  • Supporting a person’s hopes for their future.


Outcomes Star

As we deliver services across a range of important areas aiming to create better futures for individuals, families and communities we are piloting the Outcomes Star evidence-based tool to effectively measure our capacity to support and empower individuals, families and communities to make positive change and the value we add to the community.

The Outcomes Star tool results data will also assist us to better understand and evaluate our service delivery ensuring we are able to modernise and adapt our organisation; moving forward in our implementation of carefully considered service delivery models.


Child Safe Organisation

We want all children and young people to be safe, happy, have choices and be heard. Children and young people have unique vulnerabilities and we all share in a responsibility to maximise their safety and wellbeing, both as professionals and as members of the community.

Our commitment not only focuses on the safety of all children and young people but also on supporting them to grow, learn and flourish in their development. Our commitment is reflected in our child safe principles and practices to ensure we protect all children and young people and that they are included.

As part of our commitment, we have developed two Codes of Conduct for children and young people and parents, carers and guardians, respectively, to inform each of our obilgations. The aim of these Codes of Conduct are to explain the behaviours that are expected of our Board members, employees, volunteers, students on placement and contractors to prevent children from being harmed when attending our services and programs.

For children and young people, read our Child Safe Code of Conduct here.
For parents, carers and guardians, read our Child Safe Code of Conduct here.

White Ribbon Accredited Workplace

We are committed to advocating zero tolerance of violence against individuals and families within our communities, using workplace practices.

Communicare officially became recognised as a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace on Friday, 10th August 2018, one which recognises the positive role men and women play in preventing violence against women and inspiring them to participate in the social advocacy and be the change nationally.

We recognise violence against women, whether it occurs in or beyond the workplace, impacts on the health and safety of our employees, their wellbeing and their ability to reach their full potential. So our whole-of-organisation commitment is to take action to respond to and prevent violence against women and support the national drive for social change and creating safety within our workplaces and our community.