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  • Family Violence & Intervention Services

    We are committed to ensuring the safety of women and children, supporting men to take responsibility for their behaviours and providing men the assistance they need to change their behaviours.

In June 2004, Communicare Breathing Space, the first residential Family and Domestic Violence men's behaviour change program in the southern hemisphere, commenced operations as an alternative to removing women and children from their family home.

Communicare Breathing Space offers a behaviour change program to men who have been abusive in their intimate partner relationships. Our therapeutic community provides men with approximately three months of accommodation while they undertake a range of group and individual counselling to address their issues.

Groups include Men Relating Safely (DV education), Understanding Anger and Aggression, Understanding Emotions and Dadworx (Parenting).

The program supports men to make changes in a secure and confidential therapeutic setting.

Participants who attend Communicare Breathing Space and who also have recognised Alcohol and Other Drugs issues, may also have access to Communicare’s Co-morbid Alcohol and Other Drugs/Domestic Violence (AOD/DV) Prevention and Intervention Program. 

Is there a cost to enter the program?

Approved residents are required to make a contribution towards the cost of their lodging. The amount of the contribution is based on the resident’s income.

Breathing Space Objectives:

  • Promote outcomes that increase the safety of women and children
  • Provide timely and appropriate intervention in situations of family violence
  • Provide thorough individualised case management and planning
  • Create an environment where access to information assists men to develop positive strategies, self-sufficiency and resolve their difficulties
  • Provide opportunities for men to be accountable for their behaviour and the choices they have made
  • Provide a structured program which supports men’s learning, offers alternatives and assists men in understanding and taking responsibility for their violence, anger and abuse
  • Provide referral and links to services that meet the needs of clients
  • Promote a cooperative and coordinated approach to family and domestic violence issues in Western Australia
  • Provide a support and referral service to family members
  • Offer an extended support service, counselling and assistance to men after completion of the program 


Communicare Breathing Space can accommodate up to 12 residents. There are admission criteria which must be met before a person is admitted into the program.

Communicare reserves the right to refuse admission to a person considered not suitable for the program.

What are my obligations by participating?

To be accepted into the program residents must:

  • Commit to participating in ALL aspects of the therapeutic program
  • Complete all of the programs involved, which take approximately 3 months
  • Have no drugs or alcohol on the premises and not return to the premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Give permission for Communicare employees to contact their partners to offer support and referral to services
  • Be committed to nonviolence and respect for all others on the premises
  • Conduct any visits with family and friends off site

How do I apply?

Men can enter the Communicare Breathing Space program by contacting Communicare directly on (08) 9439 5707 or by being referred by other support agencies.

When contact is made with Communicare Breathing Space:

  • Staff will ask for your details
  • An initial assessment will be completed, either by phone or in person
  • If staff are not available to assess you immediately, an appointment will be made to contact you as soon as possible
  • If your application is successful, you may enter the program if a bed is available or you may be placed on a waiting list

For further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.  

Download the Communicare Breathing Space Brochure

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