Melinda Ashley - Corporate Services

"I love helping them to develop their professional skills"

Melinda Ashley - Corporate Services

Working at Communicare means I am a part of my colleagues’ learning journey and I love helping them to develop their professional skills. I not only enjoy facilitating training sessions but also developing training for our workforce of employees, volunteers and students based on identified needs. 

I joined Communicare in October 2017 as part of the amalgamation with Clan WA. When I first commenced I performed the Volunteer and Student Placement Advisor role but since 2020 I have become a part of our Learning and Development Team as a Senior Advisor. 

Skills such as recruitment, public speaking, report writing and constructive feedback are so important to enhancing the abilities of our managers and; I am extremely fortunate to be working on projects that develop courses that further expand the knowledge and practical capabilities of our people in these areas.

Working alongside people who are so passionate and caring in the work they do in the community is one of the most rewarding parts of my role. I’m a huge advocate for lifelong learning so I’m Creating Futures for our team by making their learning experience enjoyable and worthwhile so they can continue to support individuals, families and communities. 

Melinda Ashley

Senior Learning and Development Advisor, Corporate Services