Communicare Inc. Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Delivering a range of educational opportunities for students to increase their participation in the community and the workplace.

Education & Training Services

Communicare Inc. RTO

Accredited Registered Training Organisation for students and Communicare clients

Communicare Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Established in 2000, our RTO delivers Certificates, I, II and III in General Education for Adults (CGEA) and other complimentary training courses.

Communicare Inc. RTO is based in Cannington and delivers Vocational and Education Training (VET) qualifications through training packages to schools across the Perth metropolitan area.

We also provide education and training services to clients across 30 Communicare programs enabling further education and employment pathways. 

Public Schools with VET Program

Communicare Inc. RTO is a member of the Panel Arrangement ED18290, selected to provide Auspice Services to enable the delivery of Vocational Education and Training in public schools.

Public schools can access Communicare Inc. RTO services by completing an order form through the Department of Education Online Portal - IKON. 

Contact Us

Call Communicare Inc RTO on 08 9458 2611 or email to discuss your VET program requirements. 

Communicare Inc. Registered Training Organisation Code (50548) is an Approved RTO Private Panel Provider.