Employment Services For Employers

Providing ongoing assistance to employers in order to meet their workforce requirements.

Employment Services

For Employers

Assisting local contributors to easily match their workforce requirements through extensive business development consultation.

Our experienced business development consultants understand and tailor their services to meet the specific training and recruitment requirements of each employer.

Our support services

Our services for employers are in alignment with our commitments to providing sustainable employment for job seekers in our jobactive, Transition to Work and Youth PaTH programs.

We provide a diverse range of services for employers, including:

  • Supporting workforce planning requirements that are in line with the goals of your business;
  • Matching, screening and recommending potential candidates with your or on your behalf;
  • Co-ordinating pre-employment training and training provides to up-skill your job candidates;
  • Coordinate pre-employment training in line with your identified requirements during discussions with our regional managers or an Employer Relationship Consultant;
  • Mobilise a team of experienced staff to assist with large volume vacancies;
  • Providing advice on applicable wage subsidies and their eligibility.

What are the benefits of our services?

There are many benefits to hiring our program participants, including;

  • All of our enthusiastic job seekers placed in employment are work ready, aware of what is expected of them by employers and eager to learn;
  • Wage Subsidies are available to eligible employers, which may help to expand your business;

Within the first week of commencement, our experienced team will offer post-placement support; developing a support plan to ensure that the new starter is settling in and that the employers’ expectations are met. We will also ensure that both employers and new starter have access to the required level of training and mentoring.

Follow-up support can be provided for new employees for up to 26 weeks.

Making Contact

Some things you may wish to consider before meeting with us could be:

  • The type of employment you have available;
  • When you would like your new employee to start;
  • The support you require to start a new employee;
  • If the employment opportunity is likely to be long term or sustainable.

Please contact our team to discuss how we can best support your business.

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