Helping job seekers look for work and develop skills that local employers are looking for.

For Job Seekers


Assistance, support and mentoring services to help job seekers find, prepare for and remain in employment.

As a jobactive provider, our goal is to provide job seekers with the support, assistance, mentoring and networking opportunities to help them find, prepare and remain in employment.

Whether you are recently out of work or have been out of work for a long time, Aboriginal, migrant, youth or mature age, or find yourself facing issues like alcohol and other drug addictions, homelessness, disabilities, language difficulties, we can support your desire to get ahead in life, and find a job.

We have the flexibility to tailor our jobactive services to the assessed needs of individual job seekers, which can include:

  • A Job Plan;
  • Job searching skills;
  • Resume and job application writing techniques;
  • Interview preparation;
  • Activities to develop skills that enhance employability;
  • Help to overcome or manage non-vocational issues which may be barriers to employment;
  • Connect to Work for the Dole approved activities.

What are the benefits of jobactive?

Working in partnership with our consultants, job seekers can benefit from our personal guidance by:

  • Identifying their interests, abilities and needs;
  • Seeking employment within their work capacity;
  • Receiving recommendations or referrals to courses, programmes, services and resources that will help them reach their ultimate employment goals.

Who is jobactive for?

Job seekers may be eligible for our jobactive services if they:

  • Are not on income support, or
  • Are on income support and have no mutual obligation requirements;
  • Are not working or studying full time, and
  • Have the right to work in Australia.

Our jobactive services assist individual job seekers in a variety of different situations, including those who are:

  • Recently unemployed;
  • Long-term unemployed;
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait islanders;
  • Skilled migrants;
  • Youth or mature age.

Our jobactive services engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers in a way that acknowledges and respects their culture.

Interpreting services are available upon request by job seekers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as job seekers with special requirements.

Our Location

Our jobactive services are based at the following sites in Western Australia:

  • Armadale
  • Cannington
  • Fremantle
  • Joondalup
  • Mandurah
  • Midland
  • Mirrabooka
  • Rockingham
  • West Perth

Our safe and modern facilities are within close proximity to Centrelink for your convenience, with easy access to public transport, parking and disability access.

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Making Contact

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We are a jobactive provider funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment.