Work for the Dole

Work experience to prepare job seekers to return to the workforce.

Employment Services

Work for the Dole

Providing job seekers with basic skills which will prepare them to re-enter the workforce and make a positive contribution to their community.

Work for the Dole places job seekers in well-matched work activities where they can learn new skills, improve their job opportunities by gaining valuable work experience and give back to the community.

Our community initiatives are delivered through our strong relationships with several organisations across the Perth metropolitan area.

Our activities create an environment which fosters team work and social interaction. They assist participants to get back into the routine of attending work and develop their basic work skills.

What are the benefits of Work for the Dole?

Our Work for the Dole activities assist participants to:

  • Learn new employability skills;
  • Develop and enhance the ability to work independently;
  • Improve and enhance communication skills, motivation and dependability.

What kinds of activities does Work for the Dole provide?

Some of the Work for the Dole activities we provide include but are not limited to the following:


  • Fulfilling administrative roles for various host organisations as they are needed;
  • Research and develop manuals for senior citizens, computer restoration, cook books and community services; for use within the community;
  • Cataloguing National Archives to preserve history.


  • Sorting, merchandising and selling clothes in Op Shops;


  • Creating nutritious meals for the homeless and multicultural groups;
  • Designing recipes for vulnerable people on a budget.


  • Planting vegetables and herbs to support Soup Kitchens and homeless shelters within the community;
  • Growing vegetables and documenting the process for the production of a children’s “How to Grow” book;
  • Designing outdoor garden areas, building planter boxes, researching soils and fertilisers, planting and harvesting produce for early learning schools and child care groups;
  • Creating an Australian Bush Tucker manual for schools and community groups.

Construction, Maintenance and Restorations

  • Constructing pathways, weather shelters, fences and decking in parklands;
  • Constructing and developing an amphitheatre for live performances, education and leisure activities within the community;
  • Developing a community camping area for recreational use within the community;
  • Restoring of old caravans to be used as Crisis Care Accommodation;
  • Designing and manufacturing furniture from timber pallets for aged care facilities;
  • Renovating old bikes for donation back to the community;
  • Turning unwanted and recycled pallets into children’s furniture and cubby houses ;
  • Restoring computers that are donated to vulnerable children;
  • Restoring of railway carriages for educational community visits preserving history.

Sewing and Knitting

  • Designing, sewing and stitching textile items for native animals for Wildlife Shelters;
  • Creating textile items for families in need and the homeless including but not limited to scarves, wraps, rugs and beanies;
  • Knitting, embroidering, stitching and sewing items for chemotherapy patients;
  • Knitting breast prosthesis for cancer survivors;
  • Designing and creating care packages and sleeping bags for the homeless. 

Who is Work for the Dole for?

Some job seekers need to meet certain requirements in order to keep receiving income support. These are called mutual obligation requirements.

For more information on whether or not you are eligible for the program, read more at the Department of Employment’s Work for the Dole page.

Our Location

Our administration operates from Cannington, Western Australia, and our services are based at the following locations in Western Australia:

  • Cannington
  • Fremantle
  • Malaga

Our safe and modern facilities are within close proximity to Centrelink for your convenience, with easy access to public transport, parking and disability access.

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Making Contact

For more information about our Work for the Dole initiative you can contact our team at (08) 9251 5777.


Work for the Dole is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment.