Information for Hosts

Extend your organisation's positive impact on the community.

Work for the Dole

Information for Hosts

Extend your organisation's positive impact on the community.

Our Work for the Dole coordinators work closely with host organisations to identify placements suitable for job seekers which provide participants with real ‘work like’ experiences.

Host organisations can participate in the program by:

  • Offering individual or multiple places for job seekers;
  • Undertaking a project which is delivered by a group of job seekers.

What are suitable Work for the Dole activities?

Being a Work for the Dole host through Communicare enables organisations to deliver project or activities that they might not otherwise have the capacity to do. Each placement will usually last for six months.

Activities cannot take place exclusively on private property unless they are part of a Community Support Project assisting in natural disaster recovery.

Any activity coordinated by a host organisation cannot be a task normally undertaken by a paid employee (full-time, part-time or casual); and it must not reduce the workload of existing employees.

Is my organisation eligible to coordinate Work for the Dole activities?

Work for the Dole activities can only be hosted by non-for-profit organisations and local, state, territory and Australian government agencies.

A host organisation is not eligible to participate in the Work for the Dole program if they:

  • Have downsized within the past 12 months and the tasks that are proposed fulfil roles that have been made redundant within that period;

  • Are utilising the program as an intermediary phase whilst recruiting or as a stopgap instead of creating a paid role.

Making Contact

To register your interest as host, please complete our online enquiry form and we will respond to your request as soon as we can.