Children's Contact Service

Providing safe and positive contact arrangements for children whose parents are separated.

Children's Contact Service

Providing safe and positive contact arrangements for children whose parents are separated.

Our Children’s Contact Service (CCS) provides a safe and supportive environment for children to move between their separate parents and establish or maintain a relationship with the parent they do not live with and other family members.

The objectives of our CCS are: 
  • Promoting their safety and wellbeing during supervised changeovers and visits; 
  • Maximising the safety and wellbeing of any vulnerable persons during supervised changeovers and visits; 
  • Facilitating positive child/parent and child/ sibling interactions while visits are taking place; 
  • Building capacity so that parents move towards self-management of arrangements for spending time with their child. 

What are the benefits of our Children’s Contact Service?

The benefits of choosing Children’s Contact Service with Communicare include:
  • Ensuring that children are able to remain connected with both parents after a period of limited or no contact;
  • Improving the wellbeing and future development of children following a family break-up;
  • Building relationships in a safe, fun and positive environment;
  • Helping all parties to feel safe and comfortable in potentially difficult circumstances.

Who is Children’s Contact Service for?

CCS is designed to help separated families located within Western Australia who are concerned about the impact that arguments and stressful behaviours may be having on their children. Our service is available through: 
  • A voluntary self-referral by at least one of the parents; 
  • Referral by a family law practitioner, social worker or family mediator; 
  • A court order.
Circumstances that may necessitate the usage of CCS include but are not limited to:
  • The re-introduction or introduction of a parent; 
  • High-impact conflict between parents which affects children during their facilitated changeover period; 
  • A history of abuse of a parent and/or child. 

Our Location

Our Children’s Contact Service office operates from our office in Cannington, Western Australia. For more details and hours of operation, please click here.

Our opening hours are:
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am-5pm – for separate intake assessment interviews. No supervised visits are available during the week.
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm – for professional and child-focused supervised visits, supported visits, changeovers and on-site orientation.

Making Contact

To enquire about our services, please phone us on (08) 9251 5777 or email us on