Emergency Assistance Program

Assisting individuals and families experiencing financial hardship.

Family Support Services

Emergency Assistance Program

Providing basic necessities in emergency situations when individuals and families are experiencing financial hardship.

Our Emergency Assistance Program provides a safety net for vulnerable West Australians experiencing immediate or imminent financial hardship. 

Individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties and, who have limited means or resources to help them alleviate their financial crisis, may be able to access emergency assistance with basic necessities. 

What are the benefits of the Emergency Assistance Program?

Our Emergency Assistance Program aims to assist individuals and families experiencing financial hardship through the provision of immediate financial and/or material support which may include:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Basic necessities
  • Fuel
  • Transport
  • Referrals 
  • Advocacy

Who is the Emergency Assistance Program for? 

Individuals and families living within Western Australia who are experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for Emergency Assistance where:
  • The crisis can be verified as genuine (e.g. evidence of an unpaid or impending bill)
  • The individual does not have the financial means to meet the expense
  • The crisis will result in immediate or imminent hardship for the individual/family
  • The debt can not be re-negotiated
  • All alternative sources of assistance are exhausted (financial and non-financial)
  • The individual has not received emergency assistance from Communicare more than three times in the (financial year)
  • The individual's identity can be verified through photo identification

How Can the Emergency Assistance Program be Accessed?

Due to the high demand for this service, appointments are necessary at each location and all bookings must be made through our telephone Appointment Hub. The Appointment Hub acts as a central point of contact for all our Emergency Assistance locations and can be contacted on 6370 1000 each Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00am and 12:00pm.

Where is the Emergency Assistance Program Located?

Our Emergency Assistance Program is funded to provide assistance within various locations throughout Western Australia. To find a location providing this service nearest to you, please call our telephone Appointment Hub on 6370 1000.


Our Emergency Assistance Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.