Family Support Network

Working together to support families.

Family Support Services

Family Support Network

Working together to support families.

We are the lead agency of the Fremantle/Rockingham Family Support Network, in partnership with Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation.

We provide integrated and coordinated secondary family support services  for vulnerable families so they can keep their children safely at home.

Services provided through the Family Support Network are aimed at children, young people and families living in complex circumstances to: 
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect; 
  • Prevent family problems from worsening; and 
  • Prevent placements of children in out-of-home care wherever possible.

What does the Family Support Network do?

The Family Support Network provides two streams of service:
  1. An assessment and coordination service accepting referrals from families themselves and other agencies. We assess family needs and either coordinate a range of services to work with the family or link the family with a Partner Agency who will coordinate the services they need. If a service is not immediately available following assessment, families are actively supported while they are waiting to receive a service. 
  2. An intensive case management service accepting referrals from the Department of Communities. This service is particularly for families requiring intensive support to keep their children safely at home and prioritises Aboriginal families and children.

What are the benefits of the Family Support Network?

Families who require support services can often find it difficult to navigate the service system or are reluctant to engage with services. We support families by:
  • Identifying risks and appropriate intervention in children, families and early in the development of a problem;
  • Supporting families to address the issues they experience and strengthen their connection to their community;
  • Supporting  individuals and families in a respectful, non-stigmatising way that encourages them to seek help when needed;
  • Placing children and their unique needs at the centre of assessments and actions;
  • When required, actively reaching out to connect with families and support them to access the services they require.

Who is the Family Support Network for?

Our high-quality integrated service supports children, families and young people at risk and affected by issues such as:
  • Mental Health;
  • Family and domestic violence;
  • Drug and alcohol misuse;
  • Homelessness or risk of becoming homeless;
  • Family conflict;
  • Parenting difficulties.
The Fremantle Rockingham FSN supports families living in the local  government areas of Fremantle, Melville, Cockburn, Kwinana and Rockingham. 

Our Location

Our Family Support Network is based in Cockburn, Western Australia with capacity to provide outreach to Rockingham, Kwinana and Fremantle . For more details and hours of operation, please click here.

Making Contact

For more information, please phone the Family Support Network on 1300 951 190, email us at or fill in and submit our referral form.


Western Australian Family Support Networks are funded by the Government of Western Australia Department of Communities.

Communicare delivers the Fremantle Rockingham Family Support Network in partnership with Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation