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Connect and Respect

A behaviour change program, specifically working with men and women who have been charged with family and domestic violence offences, against a partner, child or family member

Men's Support Services
Men's Support Services

Connect and Respect

Working with people charged with family and domestic violence offences

Connect and Respect is dedicated to improving the safety of women, children and men within the Western Australian community.  We not only work directly with the individuals who have been charged with acts of abuse and violence, but seek to engage with and support those who have been impacted. 

Connect and Respect has dedicated Women’s Advocates who strive to engage with all those impacted by the abuse and violence enacted by the individuals referred to our service.  Women’s Advocates provide; information regarding the behaviour change process and what people may observe or experience as a result of their partner’s, ex-partner’s or family member’s engagement; risk assessment and safety planning and support referrals through to other services.

Program Aims

Connect and Respect is underpinned by a commitment to end violence against all people, which we believe can be achieved by;

  1. Building people’s awareness of relationship violence and the significant impacts the trauma caused by this behaviour has across generations;
  2. Building people’s skills and efficacy to regulate their emotions and be present regardless of circumstance, enabling improved decision making;
  3. Building people’s capacity to hold themselves to account for their behaviour.

How can Connect and Respect be accessed?

Connect and Respect is only available to individuals who have been referred by the Department of Justice.  All people participating in this program are currently under the supervision of the department.

Where is Connect and Respect Located? 

Connect and Respect operates from offices situated in Armadale, Fremantle, Kwinana and West Perth, Western Australia.

For more information and contact details, please click here.


Connect and Respect is funded by the Department of Justice and is delivered in partnership with Anglicare WA