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Indigenous Family Violence Program

Assisting participants to develop a sense of future without violence.

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Indigenous Family Violence Program

Works with Aboriginal people to educate and provide alternative strategies addressing family violence.

Our Indigenous Family Violence program supports offenders who wish to address violence within Indigenous families.

Our program assists participants to take responsibility for their role in the cycle of violence and learn strategies which will help them to develop self-awareness about their abusive behaviour.

Participants of the program will be able to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have gained from the program to identify links to the community and ongoing systems of support.

What are the benefits of the Indigenous Family Violence program?

Our Indigenous Family Violence program:

  • Reinforces that family violence is a crime and is not acceptable;

  • Challenges the attitudes and behaviours which allow violence abuse to occur;

  • Develops the capacity to accept responsibility for violence that has been committed;

  • Provides new skills and strategies to cease violent behaviours.

How can the Indigenous Family Violence program be accessed?

Our program is available to male family violence offenders of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent,  whose suitability has been assessed and determined by the Department of Justice Services.

Where is the Indigenous Family Violence Program located?

Our Indigenous Family Violence program is held at the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service.


Our Indigenous Family Violence program is funded by the Government of Western Australia Department of Justice.