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Pathways Program

Enabling participants with strategies towards responsible living.

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Pathways Program

Works with Aboriginal people in correctional facilities to develop strategies for self-improvement and change

Our Pathways program provides treatment to individuals who have a history of offending behaviour and alcohol and other drug use issues.

Our program is a behaviour change program consisting of 50 sessions for a closed group of up to 12 participants. It is designed to challenge and confront negative behaviours and teaches participants to develop strategies for self-improvement and change.

What are the benefits of Pathways?

Participants will benefit from our Pathways program in the following ways:

  • They will become more self-aware and learn about their substance use patterns, cycles and harmful outcomes;

  • They will learn the avenues to self-disclosure and learn to use tools which can bring about positive life changes such as the development of their own individual plan.

How can Pathways be accessed?

Our Pathways program is voluntary for sentenced prisoners of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who have been in a correctional facility for at least 12 months.
Participants must have been assessed as suitable for our program as a result of criminal conduct which is linked to the usage of alcohol and other drugs.

Where is Pathways located?

Our Pathways program is delivered at Greenough Regional Prison in Geraldton, Western Australia.


Our Pathways program is funded by the Government of Western Australia Department of Justice in partnership with the Barndimalgu Court.