FAQ About Tuart House

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Q1. What is a Tuart House?

A1. Tuart house is safe accommodation for women and children escaping family and domestic violence, and are unable to remain within their own homes due to risk of being harmed (be it physical, sexually or emotionally)

Q2 Can I bring a pet?

A2 Unfortunately Tuart House is not equipped for pets, maybe a friend can mind your pet while you are accommodated at Tuart House 

Q3 What should I bring to Tuart House

A3  Any important documents e.g. birth certificate for you and your children – immunisation records – legal paperwork – Department of Housing paperwork – Visa details - bank details and cards - medication – clothing
(If you are unable to bring these thing, staff can assist in obtaining the documentation)

Q4 Is there storage for my belongings?

A4 There is room for small personal belonging in your room, but unfortunately Tuart House has limited storage options so we cannot hold furniture.

Q5 Can I get help without staying at Tuart House?

A5 Yes – Tuart house can offer you support over the phone, you do not have to come in the service to receive support.