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Lolita the OCC Rabbit is Hopping to Meet New Friends

Meet Lolita the rabbit - the newest member of Occasional Child Care team!


Meet Lolita the rabbit - the newest member of Occasional Child Care team!

Lolita, or 'Lola' for short,  arrived at her new home at OCC on Wednesday the 20th December after recieving her vaccinations. The children attending our OCC will learn how to care for Lolita's daily needs.

Providing children with access to animals in an education and care service can help them learn about the life cycle and relationships, and improve communication.​ Encouraging direct contact and developing bonds with animals helps children to build empathy and responsibility.

Caring for animals also relates to the National Quality Standards 3.3 of our curriculum, with our children taking an active role in caring for the environment and building a sustainable future.

We all hope that Lolita will "lettuce" pat her!