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#NAIDOCWeek 2021 Series - Gadigal Land (NSW)

​The Eora people of the Gadigal land are the Traditional Custodians of Country in New South Wales.

​The Eora people of the Gadigal land are the Traditional Custodians of Country in New South Wales. Their connection to Country encompasses ecological knowledge and deep spiritual connections to Australia's sea and lands. This has developed their ability to adapt to major environmental changes.

With its golden sands, parks, and blue waters, Sydney's Bondi Beach has become a top tourist attraction. Framed within rocky headlands, popular culture has labelled it as an 'iconic' part of the Australian way of life and leisure.

In earlier years, Aboriginal people were drawn to this site for its fresh water, fish and unique shores which were full of shellfish. The name 'Bondi' also spelt 'Bundi', 'Bundye' and 'Boondye', comes from the Aboriginal word 'Boondi' and translates to 'water tumbling over rocks'.

Whilst it is a major benefit to our tourism industry, the growing population, pollution, and demands for real estate are only some of the threats faced by this area, causing loss to it's natural landscape and its intricate ecosystem.

Raising awareness about the importance of consultation with the Eora people when it comes to managing natural resources is the first step to finding sustainable solutions to preserving this rapidly developing coast.

Through creation stories, Aboriginal communities have a spiritual and customary living relationship with water in all its forms. By seeking their advice and including their voices, we develop strong and meaningful relationships as a platform to share our knowledge, combine our strengths, and together, care for the land and water that sustains us.

If you are visiting Bondi Beach, familiarise yourself with the bushland and wildlife in the area and know to tread lightly as to not damage local plants. Always pick up litter to support and encourage local biodiversity and avoid bringing plastic waste like straws and disposable coffee cups to reduce congestion.

For more information on Bondi Beach and how you can help look after Bondi Beach, visit Waverley Council.