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Synergy SolarReturn win

We are delighted to confirm Communicare has recently won a new photovoltaic (p.v.) system through the Synergy SolarReturn energy fund.


​Not long ago we announced Communicare stood in the final five line of contenders for the Synergy SolarReturn community fund, and this week we're delighted to confirm we have won this new photovoltaic (p.v.) system.

Across all our programs and services we consistently work to ensure we're making a difference in our communities, and now we're able to continue doing that with a little extra help from the sun.

In the past two years, this SolarReturn system has helped ten organisations across the state save costs and energy that is redirected back to into their communities - with Communicare being the next to join.

It is important to be aware of our environmental impact and how to best optimise resources, and this new system will further extend our contributions to environmental protection and preservation.

The exciting project commenced with Synergy specialists conducting a structural assessment of our property and will follow with building approvals and installation in the next few months.