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We must end Racism

A message from our Executive Director of Service Delivery and Design


Over the last two weeks we have seen the mobilising of people across the globe in protest against the way in which racism continues to impact the lives of many people. 

While there have been comments around the appropriateness of protesting during a pandemic, the fact remains that for some people there is never a good time to have these discussions. 

These discussions make people uncomfortable as they force us to confront our own understandings of the world. Our own assumptions, and often our own privilege.

Racism exists in Australia. Our country was founded on the oppression and marginalisation of Aboriginal people. This is a fact, and as uncomfortable as this makes some people feel, our history must be acknowledged, to enable fairness in the present and optimism for our future.

For many of us we have seldom experienced the ways in which racism impacts the lives of those who experience it. Racism pushes us further away from being the best that we can be. It ruins lives and builds deep resentment.

Communicare stands alongside those who believe in a fairer country. In a country where people are included, truth is told and bigotry is called out.​

David Cain

Executive Director Service Delivery and Design