Adam, 30 and Lina, 44 from Iraq

“When we arrived in Australia we were both very confused and anxious."

Settlement Service Activities Testimonials

When we arrived in Australia we were both very confused and anxious. We could not comprehend what was happening around us – everything was so foreign and so different from what we knew. Now we feel happy and stable and each of our family members has slowly started to build a life and take the path they had dreamed of in Australia.

Adam and Lina escaped Iraq due to the country’s religious intolerance and arrived in Australia in 2015 on a humanitarian entrance (200) visa. After support from Communicare’s Humanitarian Settlement Services, both Lina and Adam commenced career planning and job searching with the assistance of Communicare’s Settlement Service Activities after their initial settlement period.

While Adam had no formal training in food preparation he was particularly passionate about creating culinary delights for others to enjoy and keen to build a career in the hospitality industry. After attending a three-day Job Talk workshop with Communicare Settlement Service Activities, Adam’s career mentor recommended he complete a qualification with the Australian College of Training.

The 16 week course included class work and theory as well as a hands-on work experience placement. Adam excelled in his work experience placement and was offered a casual position at the conclusion of his placement. Adam impressed his employer so much so that he has since been offered full-time hours and higher responsibilities at the Perth restaurant and Lina joined him as part of the wait staff team for a short period before joining the same business’ processing team in their adjoining factory.

- Adam, 30 and Lina, 44 from Iraq

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