Hamayon, 26 from Afghanistan

“Communicare has played a big role in my life since I arrived in Australia..."

Settlement Service Activities Testimonials

Communicare has played a big role in my life since I arrived in Australia and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive assistance. One of the most important things Communicare has helped me with is finding and securing employment.

Hamayon worked in Afghanistan as an interpreter supporting the Australian Defence Force for three years until his life became unsafe in early 2013 and he was granted a visa to relocate to Australia as a refugee.

Arriving in Australia in December 2013, Hamayon received support services from Communicare’s Humanitarian Settlement Services program during his initial settlement assistance. In the first few weeks of his arrival this included assistance with registering with all the essential Australian agencies and medical services as well as a detailed local area orientation so he could navigate his surroundings independently.

Since 2014, Hamayon has been engaged with Communicare’s Settlement Service Activities, receiving assistance to seek and gain sustainable employment. Initially Hamayon worked casually in retail and has since gained experience to join a local customer service team.

Hamayon also received support to sponsor his wife to join him in Australia from Afghanistan. Communicare assisted Hamayon to link in with migration services and provided ongoing assistance with his application process. Hamayon’s wife arrived in Australia in October of 2016 and they are excitedly expecting their first child together and looking forward to raising a family in their new home.

- Hamayon, 26 from Afghanistan

Communicare Settlement Service Activities Client 2014-2017