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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering any questions you may have about volunteering at Communicare.

What kind of volunteering opportunities does Communicare have?

Volunteers can support paid staff in a diverse range of ways. These include administration, social support, education and training, research, marketing, event management and childcare. The Volunteer and Student Placement Advisor will talk to you about your skills and interests and help you to find an opportunity that meets your needs.   

Do I have to take a volunteer role that is offered to me?

No, volunteers have the right to choose the activities that they do. We will work together on finding a role that is suitable for you.  

What do I have to do before I become a Communicare volunteer?

All Communicare volunteers need to have a recent National Police Check (within the last 6 months) and will be screened according to Human Resource (HR) policies, including character reference checks. There may be additional requirements, such as a Working with Children Check, depending on the role you are offered.

What kinds of skills do I need to have to volunteer?

Volunteers are a reflection of the diversity of the community. The skills, qualities and experience you have will all be taken into account when placing you into a volunteering role. 

Do I have to volunteer for a set amount of time each week?

No - volunteers can help out with a project for a few days, come in every week at the same time, provide support as a one-off or be available on an ad-hoc basis. When you fill in your online application form, we will ask you about your preferences for volunteering.

I’m only available on weekends or evenings. Can I still volunteer?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any programs that offer weekend or evening volunteering positions.

Where are the volunteering opportunities located?

Communicare has offices throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Many of the services offered are in the South East metropolitan region, but there are also services in other areas.  

Will I be working with other volunteers?

Some of the volunteer roles involve working with other volunteers. Others involve working with community members or staff. 

We also offer volunteer support and social events throughout the year. You will receive invitations to attend these events, where you can meet other Communicare volunteers.

What support will I have once I am volunteering?

Once you are placed in a volunteer role, you will meet your supervisor. They will explain how things work, what they need you to do, and be available to answer your questions. Your supervisor will support you throughout the time you are volunteering. If you have an issue or question your supervisor can’t answer, you can contact the Volunteer & Student Placement Advisor. 

What will happen if my volunteering doesn’t work out?

If you’re not happy with your volunteer role, you can speak to your supervisor and the Volunteer & Student Placement Advisor and make a decision together about how to proceed. If you decide you no longer want to volunteer, just let us know. We might ask you to help train another volunteer to take over, if you are able to.

Will there be any costs associated with volunteering?

Communicare will pay your mileage for approved volunteer travel and reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses. You will need to obtain a National Police Check before you can volunteer.

I’m interested. What do I do now?

Please visit our careers page to view current volunteer vacancies.