Leaving a Bequest

Leaving a gift to our organisation in your Will helps individuals and families who are struggling or isolated from the community to get their lives back on track.


Leaving a Bequest

Create a meaningful and lasting legacy by leaving a bequest to our valued community organisation.

One of the most valuable ways you can help Communicare and the clients we support is to leave a bequest. A bequest is a gift of money or assets that are left through a Will, which ensures that we can continue creating futures for our local communities.

How will my bequest be used?

Every bequest we receive will enable us to continue providing vital services which:

  • Aid child wellbeing and development;
  • Assist and enrich positive family functioning and safety;
  • Support and guide humanitarian entrants and skilled migrants through their initial settlement journey;
  • Enhance opportunities for job seekers to find, secure and maintain meaningful employment;
  • Strengthen the community safety of our families impacted by domestic violence;
  • Provides at-risk youth with a pathway that reconnects them with their education.

How do I include Communicare in my will?

We recommend that you seek professional legal advice or the assistance of a solicitor when preparing your will. Engaging with a solicitor will ensure that your estate is distributed in a way that meets your wishes.

The most common types of bequests are:

  • Residuary – The remainder of your estate once your family and friends have been provided for and any taxes and charges are settled;
  • Percentage/fractional – A specified percentage of your estate;
  • Specific/pecuniary - A specified amount of money, item of property or stocks and shares.
Communicare is very grateful for any support you can provide, regardless of the method you chose.

Making Contact

To have a chat about including a bequest in your will, please email our Finance team at: accounts@communicare.org.au or call (08) 9251 5777.