Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop is a community initiative that builds positive connections between seniors, youth and children. Your support can make a real difference.

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Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop provides a unique opportunity for members of the community to work together to support families throughout the year. As a Communicare initiative, Santa’s Workshop offers social inclusion for people with a wide range of backgrounds and age groups.

At Santa's Workshop, our team of volunteers work together to support each other, share and learn skills and build relationships. Santa's Workshop has been supporting families in Western Australia for over 20 years, through provision of toys to local community organisations, vulnerable families and those in need.

At Santa’s Workshop, volunteers come together with a unique purpose of helping others. They work throughout the year to provide toys to the local community, while building strong connections with each other, highlighting social responsibility, reinforcing and transferring skills  and further developing capacity.

The sense of teamwork and peer support is an important part of Santa’s Workshop and allows for enhancement of community engagement and inclusion opportunities.

There are three ways you can support Santa's Workshop. You can:
  • become a volunteer at Santa's Workshop in Malaga
  • donate to Santa's Workshop Appeal to help us buy new tools and equipment
  • follow Santa's Workshop  on Facebook and share our story with your family, friends and colleagues.

How can I become a volunteer for Santa's Workshop?

Santa's Workshop relies on volunteers and there are lots of opportunities to apply your own skills and knowledge. Find out more here

How can I make a donation?

Donating to Santa's Workshop Appeal will help make sure the volunteers can continue to do what they love; making  and recycling toys for children in need and sharing their skills and passion across all age groups in the community. 

Making Contact

For further information about Santa's Workshop, please email or call 0411248805.