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Supporting your child's inclusion

The WA Inclusion Agency (WAIA) employs a team of Inclusion Professionals to provide tailored support and inclusion advice to ECEC services in WA. Our goal is to support Educators in overcoming barriers to inclusion so that all children can learn and grow alongside their peers. Inclusion Professional support may include site visits, reflective conversations with Educators and ECEC Managers, and developing Strategic Inclusion Plans to support all children in your child’s care environment. We encourage families to play an active role in their child’s inclusion by communicating with their child’s service provider about their needs or concerns. Ask the service provider about their inclusive practices, and how they support children to participate and feel a sense of belonging.

WAIA will coordinate with the ECEC service through the inclusion support process. If the inclusion support relates to a particular child, we will seek permission from the parent or guardian before any other steps are taken.

While service providers are encouraged to keep families informed throughout the process, families who wish to have more involvement in the process or who have any questions can:

  • Talk to their ECEC service directly,
  • Request to meet the Inclusion Professional along with ECEC staff at the childcare centre,
  • Call the WA Inclusion Agency helpline on 1800 119 247.

Next Steps

To get inclusion support you must:

  1. Have the ECEC complete and sign the Request for Inclusion Support Form
  2. Sign the Parent Information and Consent Form
  3. Get the ECEC to submit both forms to the WA Inclusion Agency at 

*If the ECEC is requesting support with environment or Strategic Inclusion Plan support only, the parent information and consent form is not required. If your child or children are named in a request for support, then you as a parent must give permission by completing the Parent Information and Consent Form.  

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