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Our Commitment to Children and Young People

It is our highest priority at Communicare that all children and young people are safe, happy, have choice and can be heard. Communicare’s commitment to children and young people not only focuses on their safety, but also on supporting them to grow, learn and flourish. Our commitment is reflected in our child safe principles and practices to ensure we protect all children and young people and that they are included.


Child Wise Accreditation

Child Wise Accreditation StampIn 2022, Communicare became a Child Wise Accredited organisation. This means that an independent reviewer has deemed that Communicare’s policies and procedures are compliant with the National Child Safe Principles. The National Child Safe Principles ensures that the child’s safety, wellbeing, rights, culture, and voice are considered at all levels of our organisation.

Child Wise Accreditation is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safe culture and environment for children. As we grow as an organisation, Communicare will continuously improve our policies, procedures and environments to ensure that children and young people remain safe.


Our Child Safe Code of Conduct

As part of our commitment to keep children and young people safe, Communicare have developed a Code of Conduct for how our employees, Board Members, students, volunteers and contractors act around children and young people. The Code of Conduct sets rules and expectations about how Communicare’s people act, outlines what is considered acceptable and unacceptable, helps people understand how to raise issues, and notes the process for any breeches of this code.

Communicare has also developed a Child and Young Person version and a Parent and Carer version of the Code of Conduct. You can read our Codes of Conduct below.

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct – Children and Young People Version
Code of Conduct – Parent and Carer Version


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