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Since 1977 the role of Communicare has been that of people helping other people.

Communicare is a leading not for profit organisation providing over 45 services to individuals, families, and communities. Since its inception in 1977, Communicare has been dedicated to supporting people and strengthening communities.

In 1977 eight church communities, five service clubs and a local government council made a commitment to develop an organisation that would support vulnerable Western Australians.

The organisation’s primary aim was to develop a caring community in which fellow members of the community care for and assist those who are more disadvantaged through poverty, sickness, unemployment, social and familial stress and other circumstances beyond their control.

Communicare’s early connections to the local community played a critical role in the organisation’s rapid expansion and service delivery. With deeply involved members residing in the local area and a growing volunteer base, Communicare was able to offer people assistance more readily thus creating a lasting impact on the Western Australian Community.

Fast forward to today, our income is almost $30 million and we deliver over 45 services to individuals, families, and communities. Our organisation continues to grow, enabling us to work, live and play in communities across all states and territories through this great country.

In May 2020, we acquired White Ribbon Australia thus solidifying our dedication to ending violence against women and children. Our goal is to collaborate with communities and stakeholders nationwide and emphasise the importance of involving boys and men in addressing this critical issue.

In 1977 there was a strong emphasis placed on children’s services. Children continue to be a priority, evidenced by our success in achieving Child Safe Accreditation in 2022. Our commitment not only focuses on the safety of all children and young people but also on supporting them to grow, learn and flourish in their development. This is reflected in our child safe principles and practices to ensure we protect all children and young people and that they are included. Our commitment to the safety, wellbeing and involvement of children and young people is unwavering.


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