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Employee Benefits

Our range of fantastic benefits ensures that our people are rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

We offer competitive employee benefits that recognise the professional and personal contributions our staff make to our organisation on a daily basis.

Salary Packaging

We offer competitive employee benefits that recognise the professional and personal contributions our staff make to our organisation on a daily basis.
As a not-for-profit organisation, we provide salary packaging benefits which reduce the amount of tax our employees pay and increase their disposable income.

Through Advantage Salary, the following options are available to our employees:

  • Salary Packaging Benefit Card: issued through Westpac Bank, this widely-accepted visa card enables our employees to salary package up to $15,900;
  • Meal Entertainment Card: issued through Westpac Bank, this widely-accepted visa card may be used by our employees at restaurants and cafes in Australia and overseas. This card is limited to $2,650 per annum;
  • Novated Car Lease: a simple, hassle-free way for our employees to buy and/or run their personal car;
  • Expense Payments: our employees can use their salary packaging to pay for expenses such as rental or mortgage payments, bills and superannuation.

Wellbeing Leave

Our Wellbeing Leave provides our full-time employees with access to an additional five days of paid leave each financial year for the purpose of maintaining and improving their personal health and wellbeing.

All of our employees commence the start of a financial year with a zero balance, and accrue leave throughout the financial year. Our permanent part-time employees receive a pro-rata entitlement amount based upon their standard hours of work.

Wellbeing Leave is a Communicare initiative, and is not a requirement by industrial law or by any Federal or State modern awards.

Paid Parental Leave

Communicare is committed to providing a supportive work environment for all eligible employees by providing eight (8) weeks Paid Parental Leave at the National Minimum Wage following the birth of an employee’s child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption.

HBF Corporate Health Insurance

Our agreement with WA’s largest health insurer: HBF, entitles all of our employees who join the HBF Corporate plan to great discount benefits, including:

  • Up to 12% off Hospital and Essentials cover – it's your choice of cover;
  • Up to 23% off home, landlords, car, boat and caravan;
  • Up to 19% off travel insurance;
  • Up to 52 weeks complimentary health cover if on sick leave without pay;
  • 26 weeks complimentary health cover for spouse and dependants in the event of your death;
  • Free outdoor fitness training sessions throughout the year;
  • 15% off at Friendlies pharmacies; fully covered health checks each year at selected Friendlies pharmacies.

HBF will also help our employees to switch from their current funds and recognise the full length of membership to avoid the re-serving of any waiting periods.

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a voluntary, confidential and complementary counselling service to all of our employees.

It is a short-term approach to assist employees when personal, family or work-related concerns are impacting on their health and quality of life.

Our EAP can provide multiple sessions for our staff with a range of highly skilled and experienced psychologists and coaches.

Learning and Development

At Communicare, our people are our greatest asset. By continuing to develop and extend the knowledge and capability of our workforce, our Learning and Development framework:

  • Enhances employees’ abilities to meet current and future job requirements and perform at higher levels;
  • Assists employees to acquire necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours through a range of on-the-job and off-the-job methods.

Our Learning and Development framework is based on a blended learning approach, which harnesses the benefits of e-Learning for theory and face-to-face delivery so that our staff can practically apply their knowledge to demonstrate learning outcomes.

At Communicare, we use a learning management system called iLearn to enable our learning and development framework. iLearn is an organisation-wide learning platform which enables the management of all training initiatives through a single user interface.

iLearn enables our employees to:

  • Manage their learning profile and capture all of their learning achievements so far; both in the organisation and their own personal learning achievements;
  • Access a comprehensive course library and a list of training events;
  • Share presentations, important links and reading materials;
  • Acknowledge they have read procedures and record this acknowledgement for compliance purposes;
  • Deliver online assessment tools;
  • Collaborate with other learners through forums.​

Employee Development and Growth

The development and growth of our employees is vital to our ongoing success as a dynamic not-for-profit organisation. Internal growth and development opportunities empower our staff by expanding their knowledge, skills and abilities.

These opportunities include:

  • Performance development to generate regular performance feedback;
  • Secondments;
  • Undertaking special projects;
  • Participating in local, regional or national meetings, conferences and workshops;
  • Accompanying other employees to visit our sites;
  • Team building activities within work groups;
  • Co-ordinating and chairing meetings.