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Our Diversity

We support and encourage a diverse Western Australia where individual difference deepens the richness of our communities.

About Us
About Us

Our Diversity

We support and encourage a diverse Western Australia.

Our commitment to diversity is built on a belief that all people and groups are to be valued and included. While each person is an individual and unique in their identity, our shared humanity binds us together.

We have a strong and enduring commitment to diversity and inclusion and we work to ensure this is demonstrated through our workforce who represent the communities in which we work, consistently reviewing the suitability of our programs to meet the diverse needs of people and through strategies that maximise the access and inclusion of all people.We understand that successfully providing services to a diverse group of people needs a deep cross-cultural understanding and interconnected perspectives of every walk of life, language, culture and faith.

As such we are committed to ensuring all people feel understood, valued, supported and respected as members of our community, corporate partners and employees in an inclusive, cohesive and equitable society. We also welcome and acknowledge the positive and immensely multi-faceted contributions of our multicultural communities to our past, present and future and respect their right to express and share their heritage within our thriving communities.

Our Multicultural Action Plan

Communicare_Multicultural_Action_Plan_2017-2019-(1).jpgOur Multicultural Action Plan (MAP) embraces our shared values between the wider Australian community and people of diverse cultural backgrounds and recognises that our cultural diversity provides us with a contemporary multicultural landscape to work within. In an increasingly culturally diverse society, with recently arrived migrant communities adding to our cultural, linguistic and religious melting pot every day, our first MAP demonstrated our focused commitment to working to advocate and contribute to multiculturalism. Click here to download.
Our second MAP, currently in development, will build on the actions undertaken from our first MAP and sets out our approach to promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united community.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Communicare_Reflect_RAP_2017-2018.jpgOur Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) demonstrate our commitment to working to help promote, facilitate and contribute to reconciliation between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and seeks to improve our everyday operations to be more inclusive and supportive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures. Our first RAP focuses on developing relationships, cultivating respect and providing meaningful opportunities. Click here to download our Reflect RAP.
We are currently developing our Innovate RAP.