Our Publications

We produce a range of publications throughout each year which highlights the diversity of our work in the community which supports Community Inclusion & Community Safety.

With the support of our 300 strong workforce, alliances with government and non-government agencies, partnerships with corporate organisations, passionate volunteers and philanthropic community individuals; we are able to make a difference for some of our community’s most vulnerable, helping to support and empower them to achieve safety, independence, respect, social participation and economic security.

Some of the ways we have been able to make an impact on our community is demonstrated in our publications including our annual reports, quarterly e-newsletters and position statements which showcase our commitments and our stance on important social issues. 

Our Strategic Plan

StrategicPlan2018_Cover-image.jpgOur Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 has been developed through a collaborative process involving our Board, Executive Leadership Team and employees across our organisation.

The strategic plan is underpinned by detailed operational plans for each of our services; providing Communicare with a clear picture of how our delivery teams will contribute to our key objectives and outcomes. Click here to download.

Our Multicultural Action Plan

Our Multicultural Action PlanCommunicare_Multicultural_Action_Plan_2017-2019.jpg

Our Multicultural Action Plan (MAP) embraces our shared values between the wider Australian community and people of diverse cultural backgrounds and recognises that our cultural diversity provides us with a contemporary multicultural landscape to work within. In an increasingly culturally diverse society, with recently arrived migrant communities adding to our cultural, linguistic and religious melting pot every day, our first MAP demonstrates our focused commitment to working to advocate and contribute to multiculturalism. Click here to download.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Communicare_Reflect_RAP_2017-2018.jpgOur Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) demonstrates our commitment to working to help promote, facilitate and contribute to reconciliation between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and seeks to improve our everyday operations to be more inclusive and supportive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures. Our first RAP focuses on developing relationships, cultivating respect and providing meaningful opportunities. Click here to download.

Our Annual Reports

Our Annual ReportsCC_Annual-Report2018-Cover_image.jpg

Our Annual Reports are a comprehensive yearly account which showcases our organisational activities, operations and financial performance. Click here to download.


Our E-Newsletters

Our quarterly Communicator highlights the dedicated hard work of our people in supporting our communities.

Read our Winter 2018 Edition here.
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